After a very quick trip down with no weather delays, our six person-team from Hawaii, Montana, and Washington State arrived at McMurdo Station.  The first two days were filled with briefings, orientations, and safety and environmental training. 


Scroll down to view photos from our 2015 season.

End of 2015 Season.  As of Dec. 5 our time at McMurdo has come to an end and the entire team has redeployed to our homes in Montana or Hawaii.  We spent the last week packing up our equipment for winter storage or shipment back to our home institutions, and packing up the many pycnogonid samples we've collected this season to send them back home to labs, as well as to museums and collaborators for further study.

Pictures of our lab and field spaces.  After setting up the lab upon arrival in early October and getting in our many training and safety class requirements, we did both field work (see SCUBA tab) and many experiments in the Crary Laboratory at McMurdo.  We collected exciting data on sea spider metabolic rates, materials properties of their legs, effects of temperature on development, and what the physical parameters of their natural habitat (oxygen, temperature, salinity, pressure) are really like.

October 7-10.  Our first few days on the Ice have been filled with safety training, orientations, and getting the lab set up for our physiological and biomechanical work.  Soon we'll be out in the field collecting animals so we can start collecting data!

USAP travel to McMurdo Station stages out of Christchurch, New Zealand.  Here are some pictures form the trip down.

Pictures from our 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 seasons at McMurdo Station.